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Nov-Dec 2019
Pirates Canoe Japan Tour “Soup's Up!”

Pirates Canoe is back with a winter tour! We will be selling a CD-R titled "Soup's Up!" featuring two new songs that we have recorded for our next album project. We will also have a CD-R of Japanese children's songs recorded by Sara, Elizabeth and Anya Hinkle, a multi-talented singer-songwriter from North Carolina.

Sat - Nov 9 Live Cafe Again (Tokyo, Japan)
opens 6:00 pm, starts 7:00 pm
3000 yen (3300 yen at the door)
contact: Live Cafe Again 03-5879-2251
acts: Daisuke Nakai & PiCas, Suemarr
* This is NOT a Pirates Canoe show. PiCas is Kaz Iwaki, Takashi Toshioka and Jun Taniguchi from Pirates Canoe.

Sun - Nov 10 Cafe Goatee (Kamakura, Japan)
opens 12:00 pm starts 12:30 pm
3200 yen (3500 yen at the door) one drink order minimum
Audience will be welcomed into the venue in order of ticket number.
acts: Daisuke Nakai & PiCas, Pirates Canoe, guest artist Anthony Da Costa

[To purchase tickets]
Tickets go on sale Sep 1, 10:00 pm (or Aug 31, 10:00 pm for Goatee club members).

Send an email to with the subject as:
"11月10日 Pirates/中井 チケット申込み(振込希望)" to wire transfer and pick up tickets on the day of the show
or "11月10日 Pirates/中井 チケット申込み(引取希望)" to pick up tickets ahead of time
or "11月10日 Pirates/中井 ライヴ予約" to pay and pick up on the day of the show.
Send your name, number of tickets and phone number in the body of the email.
Goatee will send you an email within 48 hours with details on payment method, pick up method and other relevant information.

* Wire transfers should be completed within 7 days after reservations. Processed payments cannot be refunded/cancelled. Pick ups should be within 10 days after reservations, unless on the day of the show. People paying and picking up on the day of the show will be welcomed into the venue after all others. Please do not cancel without notification or just before the show.

Sat - Nov 16 Musica Japonica (Osaka, Japan)
First Stage
opens 1:00 pm starts 1:30 pm
2500 yen (3000 yen at the door)
acts: Pirates Canoe, guest artist Anthony Da Costa
Second Stage
opens 7:00 pm starts 7:30 pm
2500 yen (3000 yen at the door)
acts: Daisuke Nakai & PiCas, Anya Hinkle & Suemarr

[Discount for both stages] 4000 yen (5000 yen at the door)
contact Musica Japonica 06-6363-0848

Sun - Nov 17 Cafe Suzunari (Kyoto, Japan)
opens 11:30 am starts 12:00 pm (limited 30 tickets)
2500 yen (3000 yen at the door)
Contact Cafe Suzunari for reservations 075-343-5211
acts: Daisuke Nakai & PiCas, Pirates Canoe

Sun - Nov 24 Lucky Garden (Nara, Japan)
starts 3:00 pm
free, tips appreciated
Contact Lucky Garden 0743-77-7936
acts: Pirates Canoe, The Deedees (Elizabeth Etta and Owen Hunt)

Fri - Nov 29 coffee house Jittoku (Kyoto, Japan)
Hyokkori Party 44
opens 5:30 pm starts 7:00 pm
2500 yen
Contact coffee house Jittoku 075-841-1691
acts: Pirates Canoe, Anya Hinkle and Suemarr
dress code is "food." (not particularly mandatory)

Sun - Dec 1 (Kyoto, Japan)
Ichijoji "The day of pleasure" Festival 2019
opens 1:00 pm, starts 2:00 pm
Inkyo Cafe
acts: Pirates Canoe, etc.
tickets: 3500 yen for 1 day, 5000 yen for 2 days details

Sun Dec 8 Hunny-Bunny (Nagoya, Japan)
opens 1:00 pm starts 2:00 pm
2,500 yen (2,800 yen at the door)
Contact Hunny-Bunny
opening act: Miku Kakizaki
acts: Pirates Canoe, Daisuke Nakai & PiCas

See list of past shows

We have a show we put on intermittently at Jittoku, one of Kyoto’s oldest and most respected live houses. We invite talented musicians, introduce new songs, and just generally have a good time playing music and entertaining our guests.
Look for this show in particular if you are looking for a special night!